Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate a formula-fed baby

Sometimes we need to stop and appreciate a formula-fed baby.

Watching all the breastfeeding mumma’s out there, I want to scream YASSS QUEEN! I want to high five them or give them cuddle…which would probably weird them out and be highly inappropriate…but breastfeeding is just freaking awesome. And for every equal reason, so is formula feeding.

I tried, so very very hard, to be apart of this exclusive booby-club. 24 hours after giving birth, I was being hand pumped by an angry midwife at 3am until I screamed stop. At 7 days post-partum, I was at home pumping for literally hours on end, only to get 5 mls, maybe less. My poor nipples were raw, my boobs ached and there was no bloody reason why it shouldn’t have been working. As I sat there, staring down at the almost empty pumping container, I thought to myself “what’s wrong with me?” We tried a lactation consultant, massage, cookies, everything. We tried everything for 6 straight weeks. I was tired, defeated and out of options. So our boy became apart of the exclusive formula-fed club…and it was the biggest relife in my new-mum life!

Breastfeeding was hard, and I can confidentially say, so was the formula gig. Trialing tin, after tin, after tin, until you find one that doesn’t cause World War POO. Testing a million different teets and bottles; size, shape, flow, reflux attachments, wide neck, tall neck … it’s more complex then learning to swaddle! Then there is the cleaning, sterilizing, boiling water, prepping and repeat. And don’t even get me started on trying to do this all once you leave the house. It can be an ordeal for any new mum or dad.

I had a “friend” sit at the kitchen bench and read allowed the ingredients in my newly purchased formula. “You know it has flavoring in it?” Swiftly followed by the statement “this is why I exclusively breastfed”. It is this sentiment which has cast this ridiculous shadow over formula feeding mummas.

To all the mums out there struggling to breastfeed, thinking of stopping or just can’t do it…it’s ok. That’s why science has stepped in and given us powder gold. You are no less of a woman or a mother. You are in fact equal to any breastfeeding mumma . We are all feeding our babies. We are all nourishing our babies. We are all bonding with our babies.

Those little moments when you hold them in your arms and just stare at each other whilst he drinks…those moments are precious. It’s this moment all mums have in common. ALL MUMS!

Breastfeeding shame is real. Formula-feeding shame is real. Mum shaming is real. Let’s stop and appreciate all the feeding mummas!

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Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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