Self-care is NOT a dirty word…

SELF-CARE!!! It isn’t a buzz word. It isn’t a passing fad or just some nonsense. Self-care is the most underrated and underappreciated occurrences in a mums life. I have discovered over these past 12 months just how important it is, not only for my confidence, but for my mental health. Self-care might mean many different things to different mums. For some, it might be joining a bootcamp or going to the gym. For others it might mean reading a book or taking a Thai cooking class. For me it’s the little things. It’s showering alone. It’s having time to put a fake tan on. It’s finally going to the hairdresser’s and getting that regrowth taken care of. It’s, crazily enough, being able to clean and organize my home with no interruption. It’s guilt-free baby-free time dedicated to my sanity.

After a few months of putting self-care on the back burner, prioritizing baby, work, routine and hubby, I’ve finally hit that figurative wall. I feel overwhelmed and overextended. My eyebrows are sprouting from my eyelids. My hair is now officially unsure if it’s supposed to blonde, grey or whatever colour that regrowth is. I haven’t showered alone in weeks. My days are filled with early wake ups, wrangling a toddler, attempting to get ready whilst toddler is attached to my leg, guilty daycare drop offs, work, swimming lessons, organized baby-friendly activities, cleaning, cooking, nightfeeds and repeat. It becomes way to easy for us to assume this is all we want or deserve.

We give so much of ourselves to motherhood. Our bodies. Our sleep. Our time. Our minds! We invest our entire soul into our little human creations, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But this ultimately can take it’s toll, both physically and mentally. Without taking time to invest back into yourself, you’ll eventually go bankrupt.

You are first and foremost human, and you are a being that needs to be nourished and loved just like your children do. Don’t forget to love yourself enough in order to be the very best mum you can be. Today, this week or this month, dedicate time to doing something just for you. It isn’t as impossible as you might think it is.

SIDE NOTE: This mama has snagged a ticket to the @mamatribelove pop-up party! Taking my regrowth and eyebrows for a night out 🤣💛🍾🥂

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