So here’s the problem with Ashy Bines…

So here’s the problem with Ashy Bines.

If you haven’t heard of Ashy, or you’ve been living under a rock; Ashy Bines is a fitness ambassador turned entrepreneur, with over 1 million followers on instagram, snapchat and facebook.

Ashy Bines is a brand. The husband and wife team have spent years culminating Ashy’s persona into fitness apps, tours, nutritional supps, activewear, fashion labels and beauty products, all combined with a strong social media presence. It’s because of this, we no longer see Ashy as a person, but as this brand. This ultimately means the brand may be thriving, by Ashley Evan’s is an afterthought.

So I’m not on here to tell you to buy their app or jump on their clean eating bandwagon, because I certainly haven’t. I’m here to remind you of something else. No matter what you think of their brand, Ashy Bines is human. She is human. Read this again. Ashy Bines is a human being, and I think a lot of us have forgotten this. I have noticed of late, reading comments under some of Ashy’s instagram posts, the shameless and disturbing comments in regards to her son and her family. I read one comment stating her son should have never been born. Just let that soak in. Who feels, in their right mind, that this is justified? With a team assisting in the running of her instagram account, you can only imagine what comments and DMs we don’t see.

She is a mother and a wife. She goes home at night, cuddles her boy, cooks him dinner, baths him, reads him a story and watches his monitor once he’s asleep. Sound familiar? It’s easy to dehumanize someone you have never met. Someone who is constantly popping up on your news feed or snap chat. Somone standing in a bikini on a beach in Bora Bora, whilst you are cleaning up a poo explosion and negotiating with a toddler not to paint with it. But this is what the social media has conditioned us to do. To take our daily lives, compare them to a filtered photo, undermine ourselves, self-loath, become envious, turn this envy into dislike, dislike into anger and anger into hatred.

We don’t have to like the husband and wife’s branding of their business, or their services they offer. You don’t have to buy their activewear or sign up to their apps. But what you MUST do is stop. Stop hating someone you have never met. Stop the cycle of self-loathing which leads you to this place. Stop jumping on bandwagons and encouraging bullying behavior. Stop comparing your life to Instagram squares. From everything I know about Ashy Bines, which is limited to social media, she is a good mum and a hard worker. So lets start with that next time you feel that keyboard warrior rearing its ugly head. At the end of the day, we are all just mums, doing our best, wishing for a quiet moment alone in the toilet.


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Writer, business owner, proud wife and mum to one.

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